It was a real shame that one of the Austrian, Czech and Dutch teams had to be eliminated from the battle in semi finals because all three teams proved that they deserve a place there.

However, thats sport and someone always need to be eliminated so this time it is the Dutch nacional team; they will have to be satistified with the battle for 5th place after todays routine victory against Slovakia.

The match was already decided after the first half which Netherlands won by seven goals difference andmaintained it until the end for the safe win by 32:26.

Claessens Tim played the perfect game and leaded the Dutchs by scoring 12 goals without any miss, and Tomas Recicar was better than the others in the defetead team and finished the game with six goals scored.The match for the 5th place between Netherlands and Turkey is scheduled for tomorrow at 3PM, and the match between Kosovo and Slovakia (for the seventh place) will start two hours earlier.

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